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January 1st is right around the corner.

And I know you are ready to get your best results ever! 

With our 30-Day New Years Challenge...

We are going to provide you everything you need from proven workouts and nutrition plans, give you our full support, and access to our PRIVATE support group which will make it virtually impossible for you to fail. 

You see, having SUPPORT is going to be HUGE over these next several weeks as you push hard to achieve your goals. And as of right now, we have more than 200 motivated people that are waiting to help you push to your goals. 

Just imagine 30-days from now... Waking up with your brand new body, going into the Private Support Group and confidently posting your progress picture to show others that your hard work has finally paid off. 

We've seen this over and over again in our challenges...

...People transforming right in front of our eyes because they finally have the right workouts, the proper nutrition plan, and the unending support of their peers who are trying to achieve the same results. 

THAT is how we guarantee your success

Listen, this 30-Day Challenge WILL be life-changing. 

My guess is you are motivated right now to make a change in 2018... If you are, this 30-Day Challenge is for you!

Our only question to you is this...​

Are You Ready To Get Your Best Body Possible In The Next 30-Days? 

YES! I am ready to achieve more in the next 30-days than most people achieve in 6-months...

YES! I am ready to be held accountable through weekly coaching calls with Dennis and Kelsey so I am guaranteed to succeed...

YES! I am ready to get FULL SUPPORT from not only Dennis and Kelsey, but the other 30-Day Challengers through the Private Facebook Group...

YES! I am ready to get in the best shape of my life and look my best ever in the next 30-days...

The Goal Of This Challenge Is Simple...

To Help You Get Your Best Body Possible In The Next 30-Days By Providing You So Much Support, It's Impossible For You To Fail! 

Our #1 goal is to help YOU get your best and leanest body possible in the next 30-days, and that's why we are including the following:

Weekly Coaching Calls With Dennis & Kelsey!

Each week, Dennis and Kelsey will be jumping on a LIVE call where you can ask questions, interact, get feedback, and all the support you need to get your absolute best results. These calls are invaluable and will be a game-changer for your results in the next 30-days!

Full Community Support To Make Sure You Stick To It!

One of the best ways to ensure your success on any program that you do is through community support. And during this 30-day challenge, you will get access to a PRIVATE support group so that you get all the support you need. This is a place where you can update everyone on your progress, as questions, and stay motivated!

Access To Our Done-For-You Nutrition Plans!

Nutrition is going to be a big aspect when it comes to getting your best results. And for this 30-day challenge, we've created what we feel is the most simple and effective nutrition plan ever. With this nutrition plan, you'll have your best body possible in the next 30-days, it's that simple!

Get Our 30-Day Workout Plan For Your Best Results!

Your workouts over the next 30-days are going to be short, fast, and effective. We've laid out every single workout that you're going to do in order to help you speed up your results in the shortest amount of time. You will be getting a good mix of strength and intensity with these workouts which is the perfect combination for faster results!

And Remember, We Guarantee Your Results!

Like we mentioned, we've done challenges in the past, but nothing is going to compare to this one since we are going the extra mile and providing more support than ever before! On top of that...

We guarantee your results!

Listen, the 30-Day New Years Challenge is the best and fastest way to get the body you want in 2018.  

If you follow the workouts we give you and the nutrition plan we provide you, you will succeed. But... If for some reason you don't see the results you want, simply email us and we will refund your money immediately. 

Let me just show you some of the past transformations people have seen...​

Just take a look at some of the results from our past challenges...

Adam was able to see his abs for the first time ever!

Anne lost more than 10 INCHES off her body and waist!

Dave lost a ton of belly fat to finally see his abs!

Jai lost 12-pounds of pure belly fat in just a few short weeks...

David trimmed his waistline and lots pounds of fat, at the age of 70!

Debra lost INCHES from her body to look and feel her best before her cruise!

Lisa toned her entire body and got amazing abs in only a few short weeks! 

Stoney completely transformed his body and life, and is looking and feeling his best ever!

So Are You Ready For The 30-Day Challenge?

Our #1 goal for this challenge is to get you your best body possible in the next 30-days. And we are so confident that we will do just that. 

By even being on this page and reading this sentence, you've shown a level of commitment that 90% of others haven't. Which is why I know you are ready to take on this 30-day challenge.

Now, if you were to purchase everything on this page separately, including the weekly coaching calls, the PRIVATE support group, the done-for-you nutrition plans, and the 30-days worth of workouts, you would pay a total of $325. 

However, we are pricing the 30-Day Challenge at just $99!​ (only $49 for our Early Bird Special)

That means you have to ACT NOW if you want to get in at this low price.

The first 50 spots for the last challenge filled up on the first day, so our estimate is that the first 50 spots will fill up by the middle of today, maybe sooner. So if you're ready to commit, I would do it now!

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Regularly: $99.00​

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Early Bird Pricing Ends In...


I understand that this 30-Day Challenge is...

Completely done-for-me so I can follow it as is without thinking...

Does NOT require counting calories or weighing my food...

Will work faster than anything I've tried in the past...

Is simple, effective, and extremely easy to follow...

Plus, we guarantee your success since we will be "holding your hand" through the entire process!

Official Start Date and Other Important Information For The Challenge...

The 30-Day Challenge will be starting on Monday January 1st, 2018.

​The contest will end February 28th.

We ask that you send in your before photos before Sunday December 31st. Once the Challenge is finished, you will then submit your transformation photo by February 4th, 2018. 

If you have read this far, I know you are ready. So click the "I Am Ready To Get Started" button below now and let's get you the body you want...

Regularly: $99.00​

Early Bird Pricing: ONLY $49.00

Early Bird Pricing Ends In...