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Chances are, your body needs is a "RESET" (especially after the weekend). And what this will allow your to do is:

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*Cleanse your body to make burning body fat easier...
*Boost your energy levels so that you can have more effective workouts...

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​After you complete the 7-Day Rapid Fat Loss plan, you will want to transition right into our 21-Day Rapid Fat Loss plan...

This is where you REALLY take things to the next level of fat burning... During these 21-Days you will...

*Have your body burning fat more efficiently through a unique Carb Cycle built for your body...
*Keep your metabolism sky high by eating MORE carbs throughout the week (yes, this really works!)...
*Force your body to focus on burning FAT while maintaining your lean muscle which in turn burns more calories and fat...

And so much more...

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We almost forgot...

We are including 5 BONUSES for you!

Bonus #1 - Fast Start Guide

We created the 21-Day Fast Start Guide for those of you who are extremely busy or who just want to get started immediately. The Fast Start Guide has taken everything that you need to know from the main program, and put it into a compact, easy-to-understand format that will allow you to start TODAY.​

It includes everything from meals examples, workouts, and more. Everything you need to get started within the next few minutes!​

Bonus #2 - Progress Sheets

As you go through the program, you will be able to cross off each day you are on and see yourself moving closer to your goals each step of the way.

These progress charts were requested by many and have been a huge tool for helping people stay on track. Get out your big red marker and get ready to SEE your progress!

Bonus #3 - Shopping Lists

Shopping can be confusing when looking for healthy foods for the first time. This no-fluff shopping list will keep on the straight and arrow when purchasing the best fat burning foods.

This report can be easily printed off and kept with you as you shop each week. What you will notice is how simple shopping can be while still being able to eat all the delicious foods you love.

Bonus # 4 - Meal Prep Guide

In this unique report, I will show you exactly how to cook ALL your meals for the week in under 90-minutes. Plus, you will discover my “no-cook” method for making meals throughout the week and how to spend just 2-3 minutes in the morning preparing a delicious fat burning breakfast.

This is a HUGE time and money saver and something that will set you up for great success each week.

Bonus # 5 - Carb Cycling Recipes

Get 27 of our best Carb Cycling recipes that were designed with simplicity in mind. All the recipes you will find are incredibly easy to make and do NOT take hours to prepare.

You will find recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner... As well as smoothies, appetizers, and snacks!

And Remember...

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-Dennis and Kelsey