Discover Why Intermittent Fasting Is Perfect For People Who Are Looking To Lose Weight Fast, Burn Stubborn Fat, And Flatten Your Midsection Without Going On A Strict Diet Or Even Giving Up The Foods You Love To Eat...

Shocked? I was too until I discovered Flexible Intermittent Fasting and realized there was a much easier and more enjoyable away to burn fat and lose weight fast!

Hey there, Kelsey Heenan here from! 

On this page today, you are going to discover a super simple and effective strategy that will make fat loss downright effortless. And...

I know that might sound crazy, but for the last 6-years, I've tested dozens of nutrition approaches. From low carb to low calorie to counting calories to keto to everything else in between.

And if you have ever tried these kinds of restrictive diets before, you probably already know that you feel hungry all the time, were irritable, had tons of cravings, struggled with energy, and simply felt deprived of the foods you love.

So I bet you agree that diets that are too restrictive are just miserable (even after following them for just a few days).

Luckily, I have some great news for you: There is a better way!

What I am about to show you on this page today is going to make losing fat and getting the results you want seem almost effortless because of one thing: flexibility to eat the foods you love and still get the results you want!

I’ve been using this strategy for just over four years now and I am still blown away by the results I see on a weekly basis (eating all the foods I love). And 10000's of our clients are enjoying these same amazing results which is why I am so excited to share them with you today. So, let me ask you...

Are You Familiar With "Intermittent Fasting?"

Author: Kelsey Heenan

Before you answer that, for those who don't know me, I'm Kelsey Heenan - Fat Loss & Lifestyle Fitness Expert and the founder of HIITBURN (along with my husband Dennis). 

Our information and articles on getting in the best shape of your life have been seen by millions of people from all over the world and our programs are used by thousands of people every single day...

Our articles on getting your BEST results have been seen by MILLIONS of people from all over the world and our programs are used by thousands of people every single day...

For years, I struggled with my diet. In fact, there was a point where EVERYTHING I did revolved around my diet, and it was the darkest period of my life. Food and diet was all I thought about.

Looking back and seeing how horrible this period was, I am now on a mission to spread a FLEXIBLE and ENJOYABLE approach to health and nutrition to as many people as possible

I just knew there had to be a better and more enjoyable way...

Four years ago, I started hearing about this approach called Intermittent Fasting and was immediately intrigued. 

If you aren’t familiar with what that is, it can be defined as "an eating pattern where you cycle between periods of eating and periods of not eating (AKA fasting)."

And I'll be honest, when I first started researching Intermittent Fasting, I was so skeptical.

Although there are many different kinds of Intermittent Fasting approaches that I came across (most that I find to be way to strict, by the way, more on that in a second) - the basics are very much the same.

You have a period of eating, followed by a period of fasting, and repeat. Often times, what this means is skipping breakfast.

Which, if you are anything like me, sounded CRAZY when I first heard that.

Can Pushing Your Breakfast Back Just ONE-Hour Be The Key To Effortless Fat Loss?

Like many of you, for as long as I can remember, I was told that breakfast was “the most important meal of the day” and that I needed to “eat every 2-3 hours” in order to get in great shape. 

So, what did I do? Every single morning, immediately upon waking up I’d eat breakfast and then I would eat every 2-3 hours throughout the day... 

Maybe you are doing that right now, but are still struggling to get the results you want... 

As you will see in just a second, there is a simple solution that is going to change the results you see in an effortless way that is based on science!

You see, when I first started looking into Intermittent Fasting, I was very skeptical... Especially when these books and research articles were going against everything I had been taught. 

Even one of the most well know and most respected doctors in the world, Dr. Joseph Mercola, said that pushing back breakfast can be "one of the most profoundly powerful strategies you can have to optimize your health."

So after reading 4 books, sifting through over 55 research studies, and watching dozens of videos, the benefits of Intermittent Fasting were so good that I just couldn’t overlook them anymore. 

The Benefits Of Intermittent Fasting Were Too Good To Overlook...


Here's just a few of the many health benefits that Intermittent Fasting can bring you… 


Can Boost Your Metabolism and Fat Oxidation So Your Body Uses Fat For Fuel


Can Increase Your Weight Loss Efforts WITHOUT Changing The Foods You Eat


Can Slim Your Waistline and Burn Belly Fat More Efficiently


Can Improve Insulin Sensitivity Which Can Lead To Your Body Burning More Fat


Can Help Slow Down The Aging Process


Can Increase Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Production Which Is Extremely Important For Burning Fat Faster


Can Help Detox And Cleanse Your Body


Can Help Increase Focus, Clarity, And Cognitive Function

These are just a few of the many benefits that I kept reading about. 

Boosted Metabolism, Faster Fat Loss, Effortless Weight Loss, More Focus?

YES PLEASE! This was something I had to try...

There Was Just One Problem:
 The Majority Of Intermittent Fasting Protocols I Came Across Were Way To Strict!

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like strict or extreme diets. Diets that cut out entire food groups or drastically cut calories or have overly strict rules are just impossible to stick to for more than a few days (let alone a few weeks or months)... 

And this is why the majority of the Intermittent Fasting Protocols I came across just weren't for me... 

The Main Problems With Traditional Intermittent Fasting & What You Should Do Instead!

Like I mentioned earlier in the article, Intermittent Fasting can be defined as an “eating pattern where you cycle between periods of eating and not eating (AKA fasting).”

So let’s talk about some of the traditional IF approaches that are out there…


Below, I'll cover some of the traditional Intermittent Fasting Protocols and then in just a moment, I'll show you an easier and more effective approach that you can start today...

The 24 Hour Fast

Many popular approaches have you doing one or two 24-hour fasts each week, "depending on what works best for you."

The Problem: I don’t know if you have ever tried a 24-hour fast, but this is something I just cannot do or recommend as a healthy strategy. This is what I would call extreme and to have to do this on a weekly basis just isn't my thing. Plus, this can be especially dangerous for women and can really throw off their hormones if it's not done properly...

The 20/4 Protocol

This is one of the first protocols I came across, and it entails fasting for 20-hours each day and having a 4-hour eating window where you consume one large meal and a few snacks. 

The Problem: The first drawback for me on this one is the 20-hour fast. This is once again just too long. Then, trying to eat one massive meal to get all your nutrients for the day can be extremely difficult. 

The 16/8 Protocol

This may be the most popular Intermittent Fasting approach, and it's the one I decided was the best to start out with.

What you do is fast for 16-hours and then eat during the remaining 8 hour window. For example, you would eat between noon and 8PM each day, basically skipping breakfast.

Where I ran into problems though, was the set eating schedule. By that I mean…

Each day, you are supposed to have the same “eating window”. I found this to be restrictive and unnecessary...

Because what happens if you go out with friends past your set "eating window"? Or want to go to brunch with family but it's your fasting period? Are you just supposed to skip out on these social events?

I say NO! Because as you will see below, there is a better and more flexible way to get the results you want WITHOUT sacrificing your social life and doing the things you love...

Listen, Intermittent Fasting is an AMAZING fat loss protocol, and when done right, it brings downright effortless fat loss.

That said, you're about to learn an approach that brings just as good results and benefits, but is much more flexible and even more enjoyable...


Flexible Intermittent Fasting: The Lean Fast

Through all my research and testing over the years, I came to the realization that the majority of people (myself included and probably you too), are looking for a few things when it comes to a nutrition approach…


You want a plan that works FAST


You want a plan that is SIMPLE


You want a plan that is SUSTAINABLE

And here’s the best part about what I am about to show you:

Your Life Won't Revolve Around Dieting!

No more worrying about counting or weighing food.

No more eating bland and boring foods.

No more skipping out on social events. 

No more feeling like you are constantly dieting.

If you apply the information below, you are going to finally see there is a simple and enjoyable way to lose fat effortlessly...

So, you might be wondering…

“How can I get started?!”


Inside our brand new Lean Fast program, I am going to teach you the secrets to Flexible Intermittent Fasting so that you can finally start seeing effortless fat loss and get in the best shape of your life.

And this is more enjoyable and works better than anything you’ve tried in the past, that’s my guarantee.

So let’s talk about the Lean Fast and see how you can get started today…

Like I mentioned, this is unlike any other nutrition approach that you’ve tried before.

Instead of strict, it’s flexible. Instead of bland foods, we include LOTS of your favorite foods. Instead of being stressed about your diet, you will eat for YOUR body, goals, and lifestyle.

So let’s dive in…

Getting Started On The Lean Fast Protocol

Below, I am going to show you exactly how you can get started on the Lean Fast today so that you can experience the effortless fat loss that you deserve. 


On the Lean Fast, you will throw out the rigid “eating window”…

When it comes to Flexible Intermittent Fasting, you don’t need to start and break your fast at the same time every single day. Instead, have a flexible eating window. All this means, is each day you will push your breakfast back by as little as 1-hour after waking up. It’s that simple.

Your eating window is flexible which means you decide when that is, giving you the freedom to go out and still get the results you want.


On the Lean Fast, you don’t need to worry about hitting a required fasting time.

Listen, every one of you reading this is different. Which means, some of you might find that a 10-12 hour fast works best while others may find that a 14-16 hour fast works better.

And, like I mentioned earlier, I don’t like extreme diets which means no fast will be longer than 16 hours on this program. I am going to show you how you can start incorporating Flexible Intermittent Fasting for YOUR body so that you can experience effortless fat loss and maintain your lifestyle!


On the Lean Fast, you will learn the best drinks to have during your fast in order to speed up your fat burning.

Of course, water is always a great idea to have during your fast. So make sure you are drinking plenty of that. Coffee and tea are also a super powerful fasting drinks.

On the Lean Fast, I will also be sharing 10 different drink options that you can enjoy that will help detoxify your body and make your fasts more effective and enjoyable. 


On the Lean Fast, you are going to learn about the BEST foods to break your fast with.

The best thing to focus on is REAL FOOD when breaking your fast. This is super important. Focusing your first meal around eating high quality foods will speed up your results so much more compared to eating something processed. I will be outlining the 9 best foods to break your fast with in the program. 


On the Lean Fast, you are going to discover what I call “Intuitive Eating.”

Once you have broken your fast, it’s very important to LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. You should not be hungry during your flexible eating window, so be sure to fuel your body properly. What you will notice is that some days you will find yourself more hungry and other days you will be less hungry, and that’s OK. Listen to your body and eat when you are hungry and until you are satisfied.

That means, NO counting. NO weighing. NO measuring. EVER!


On the Lean Fast, your best results will come by eating real food. 

For me, this means lots of meats, eggs, potatoes, rice, beans, yogurt, fruit, and even some high quality dark chocolate. Eating the right foods while on the Lean Fast can make all the difference in the results you are going to see. I will be outlining over 60 of the best fat burning foods for you so that you have a ton of different options to choose from!


On the Lean Fast, you will learn the best approach for YOUR body. 

Whether you like having 5-6 smaller meals or 1-2 larger meals with some snacks, this approach can work for you and I will show you how. Like I mentioned, each person is different, so I will show you how to fit this into YOUR lifestyle so that you can get your best and most enjoyable results. 

As You Can See, The Lean Fast Is Extremely Simple and Effective, And Once You Start Using It... 

It's Going To Make All The Difference!

In my experience testing dozens of diets over the years, the majority of them left me feeling miserable, my social life suffered, and I just didn’t feel good…

That’s where the Lean Fast is different. Not only does this approach work extremely fast, it’s enjoyable and allows you to live your life the way you want to. Like I said earlier…

Your life won’t revolve around dieting!

As You Saw, The Lean Fast Is Simple! However, Having Our Proven & Done-For-You Plan Is The Best Way To See Your Fastest Results...

Like I mentioned earlier, I've tested DOZENS of diets in the past few years. Yet, still one of the biggest mistakes I see other people make is trying to go at it alone. In particular, with Intermittent Fasting. 

To be honest, although some people do see results trying on their own, they usually end us worst off than when they started simply because they don't do it right. 

Listen, "fasting and then eating" is not all there is to Intermittent Fasting. And people usually see my flexible approach above and think they can do it all on their own...

And what ends up happening is people get confused.

You see, although the Lean Fast is easy, you need to make sure you are doing it right...

That means, eating enough for your body, focusing on eating the right foods so you can get your best results, understanding when the best times to eat are for your body, the best foods to break your fast with, the drinks to have during your fast, and more...

And this is what people miss out on when they try and "wing it." When I tell people that they can push their breakfast back as little as one-hour each morning then enjoy their favorite foods and still lose weight, they usually look at me with a look of wonder.

However, it doesn't work like that. You MUST understand the right flexible fasting schedule for your body, so that you can lose fat effortlessly

Now that you have seen the power of Flexible Intermittent Fasting and The Lean Fast Protocol, it's time for you to TAKE ACTION and get started so that you can see the results for yourself... 

Before you do though, I want to let you know why I priced the Lean Fast at such a low price... 

Why Did I Price The Lean Fast At This Low Price?

I want to make a deal with you. My #1 goal is to get YOU the results you want, so I want to make this a no-brainer for you today. 

When I first started testing this program with my private clients, I was charging them $199 to work with me. And although this is 100% worth it for this program and the life-changing results that they saw, the beauty of the day in age that we live in is that the Internet makes everything more accessible, which means YOU benefit.

That's why you won't be paying anywhere near $199. In fact, you'll be pleasantly surprised (even shocked) at how low I am pricing the Lean Fast. 

And I will keep the price right where it's at if I feel I can still handle all the daily emails people are sending me (which is a lot!) Here at HIITBURN, we answer all emails (and do it quickly), which means you'll work directly with us to ensure you get taken care of.

So to make 100% sure you get our full attention, if we start getting overwhelmed with emails, we will need to raise the price...

And, to be absolutely sure you are fully satisfied with the Lean Fast, I want to take all the risk from you today and put all the risk on myself...

My 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee!

Listen, I am so confident that you are going to be amazed by the flexibility and simplicity of the Lean Fast. Not only that, once you start using and following the program as it is outlined for you, I know you are going to be blown away by the results!

Because of that, I want to take all the risk today and let you try the program for a FULL 60 DAYS!

And if you are not 100% satisfied with your results after implementing the program during this time, just send me an email at [email protected] and I'll take care of you.

That's how confident I am in this system!


Just For You: Here's 3 FREE Bonuses To Make Your Decision Even Easier Today...

After having thousands of people go through our nutrition programs, I figured out a few simple ways to make your results come even easier and faster. So...

I wanted to give you FREE access to 3 exclusive bonuses that you will find on this page ONLY...

Just be sure you take advantage of this while they are still free:


Did you know there are certain superfoods that you can include into your day that will help you burn fat faster, cleanse your body, and give you all day energy?

In the Lean Fast Detox Blueprint, you're going to discover the best superfoods, spices, teas, and more that are guaranteed to speed up your results.

Included inside are...


My go-to Metabolism Boosting Morning Drinks that I have each morning that can increase your metabolism and boost fat burning throughout the day...


The ONE drink I always have before meals to increase fat burning, improve digestion, and help nutrient uptake...


Delicious Nightly Fat Burning Teas to help you relax, sleep better, and burn fat through the night...


Easy to make naturally cleansing water recipes that are delicious and healthy, that you can take with you everywhere you go...


Fat Burning Smoothie Recipes that are perfect for when you are on the go or need a quick snack...

Usually $27 - Your's FREE!


There is nothing better than delicious, mouth watering recipes that are 100% healthy and will help you move closer to your goals. Plus...

When they are fast and easy to make, it's even better. 

Included with your purchase today, I am giving you 27 different fat burning recipes that easy to make and absolutely delicious. 

Usually $17 - Your's FREE!


In Order To Make 100% Sure That You Start Losing Weight and Burning Fat Immediately On The Lean Fast...

I have created the "Lean In Five" protocol that you can use to tighten and tone your belly, legs, and arms. In fact, I am going to show you the BEST time to do these, that's been shown to increase fat burning by as much as 20% (which is a lot!)

Plus, all you need to do is press play and follow along with me as I do the workouts with you!

Usually $37 - Your's FREE!

If You Are Still Wondering If The Lean Cycle Will Work For You, I Will Leave You With This... 

Listen, every single day clients just like you send me messages telling me about their amazing transformations and fat loss results using our Flexible Intermittent Fasting techniques, and their results only continue getting better and better just by following this system. 

And I can't tell you how rewarding it is to hear that people are finally feeling FREEDOM from their diet. 

That is what I want for you too. To experience what it feels like to have freedom from dieting, while still getting the results you want and deserve.

No matter if you have 5-pounds to lose or 50+ pounds to lose, the program WILL work for you. All I ask is that you give it an honest try. Deal?


And if for any reason at all you feel that it's not for you, I refund your entire payment immediately. No hard feeling at all, and I will even say thank you just for giving it a try! So you have nothing to lose.


Like I mentioned earlier, my #1 goal is to get YOU results, which means I will be right by your side every step of the way.

That means you get my full attention and support as you go through the program. 

If you have a question on anything, you can simply message me and I will be there for you with a personalized answer.

I am SO confident in the success that you are going to experience on the Lean Fast Protocol. 

You must take a small step today to start getting the results you want tomorrow. Otherwise, you'll just continually be frustrated by the restrictive diets that bring minimal results. I don't want that for you, and I know that's not what you want for yourself. So...

Make a decision to do something about that right now, and give the Lean Fast a try TODAY!


Get Started On The Lean Fast Today!

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Remember: The Lean Fast Is SIMPLE & The Best Way To Lose Fat Effortlessly...

Don’t be fooled by how simple the Lean Fast looks. As I said earlier, you need to make sure you are doing this properly in order to get your best results. 

I have taken everything I have learned, studied, and tested over the last few years and condensed it into one of the most simple and effective systems so that you finally melt away stubborn fat and get the body you want, almost effortlessly! 

So please: DO NOT be fooled by thinking the Lean Fast is “too” simple to work… Just follow the plan!

It will work for you - that's my guarantee!

And remember, if at any time in the next 60-days... You have not seen the results you want or are not completely satisfied with the program for any reason, just send me an email and you'll be taken care of - no questions asked. 

So if you're ready, which I think you are, all you need to do is click the button below that says "GET STARTED TODAY" to get started immediately. 

And because you are on this page, you are getting the complete system and bonuses for a full 60% OFF the original price!


(That's 60% OFF The Regular Price - LIMITED TIME ONLY)


I can't wait for you to get started on the Lean Fast and hear all about your results. 

I am here for you every single step of the way. So take action NOW!

All to your success,

-Kelsey Heenan, HIITBURN
Your Go-To Lifestyle Fitness Expert

P.S. Remember that you can try the LEAN FAST for a full 60-days and if for any reason at all you are not completely satisfied, email me - we're here to help.

P.P.S. Know that I take pride in my work and strive to provide the best customer support around. So if you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask. 

Normally: $67
Today Only: $27


Still Got Questions? I'll get those answered below:

What is the Lean Fast and why does it work so fast?

The Lean Fast is a plan I designed to help me get leaner in less time using the power of Intermittent Fasting. However, after realizing that the majority of Intermittent Fasting plans were way to strict, I decided to create my own variation.

As a result, not only did I see amazing results... It was actually enjoyable and almost felt effortless. By using Flexible Intermittent Fasting, you teach your body how to burn fat for fuel and optimize the foods that you eat so that you can see faster results.

The key to the program is the set-up and simplicity. Everything has been perfectly placed so that you can burn the most fat in the least amount of time without worrying about your diet all the time.

Will I have to starve myself on the program?

Gosh NO! This was part of why I didn't like many of the Intermittent Fasting plans that are out there because it felt like I was starving all the time. On the LEAN FAST, you will learn to eat for your body so that you can get your best results. 

In the beginning, you may find yourself getting hungry during your fasting period, but that's OK. As your body adjusts, you will discover that you can actually eat MORE food and still get the results you want. 

Can I use the LEAN FAST plan more than just once?

100% YES! In fact, Flexible Intermittent Fasting (what you are about to learn in the Lean Fast) is something I use every single day, as do many of our clients. It's an incredible easy way to eat and get results!

Will I lose my muscle with this program?

Nope! This is a very common question that I get when it comes to Intermittent Fasting. However, you don't need to worry about losing muscle with this plan. The way the program is designed it’s meant for you to keep ALL your lean muscle while only eliminating fat. It’s a pretty sweet deal.

Normally: $67
Today Only: $27

What if I don't have a ton of fat to lose? 

No problem at all. Adding in some short fasting periods can actually help you speed up your results and get even leaner. So even if you don't have a lot of fat to lose, this will still work for you.

What if I have a lot of weight to lose?

You can still incorporate the techniques that we will be discussing in the program. We will show you the best foods to focus on, how to get started with shorter fasts, and how to feel good doing it. As always, we recommend talking with your doctor first if you have any medical conditions and before starting the program. 

Is the program for everyone?

Although these techniques can work for everyone... If you are pregnant, are hypoglycemic, are diabetic or pre-diabetic, among other medical conditions, we always recommend discussing with your doctor first. 

Does the program work just as good for women as it does men?

The short answer is yes. The main difference in men and women in this program is the fasting duration. Men can typically fast longer than women, as I will teach you in the program. In terms of results, men and women can see amazing results using this system!


Get Started On The Lean Fast Today!

(That's 60% OFF The Regular Price - LIMITED TIME ONLY)


Remember: Everything is 100% downloadable online. Nothing is physically shipped, which means you can get start immediately upon purchase!

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