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I Am About To Show You How To...

  • Strengthen and Tone Your Arms & Shoulders...
  • Grow Your Glutes and Tone Your Legs...
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    Build Lean Muscle That Everyone Notices...
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    Develop A More Toned and Defined Body...
  • Gain Confidence In Your Workouts and Daily Life...
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    Become The Strongest Version Of Yourself...

If your goal is to achieve ANY of those above, then I want to introduce you to STRONG by HIITBURN!

If you are struggling to gain strength in your workouts and get the toned & lean body you've always wanted, then be sure to read every word on this page...

Because right now, I am going to show you the EXACT workouts that I use to get my strongest, leanest, and most toned body ever. And…

I’m going to share a story with you that’s going to prove to you, that no matter where you are right now, getting the body you want is 100% possible. And, it’s NOT as hard or complicated as you might think. 

Why Should You Trust Me?

Kelsey Heenan, HIITBURN

My name is Kelsey Heenan, and for as long as I can remember, I was never been physically strong. 

However, in the last several years, I've been able to gain more strength than I could ever imagine and as a results, get in the best shape of my life. Now the #1 question I get is...

“Kelsey, what do you do for your workouts to get so strong and lean?”

And I am excited to share that with you today!

You see, what most people don’t know about me, is for nearly my entire life, I was never physically strong.

I wasn’t always lean, toned, or confident in my body. In fact…

I struggled for many years with self confidence. I hated the way I looked in the mirror. And I struggled in my workouts because I could never do the basic strength exercises like push ups, pull-ups, presses, and squats.

The Biggest Mistake I Was Making In My Workouts...

The truth is, for many years I thought I was doing everything right in my workouts…

I went to the gym trying to burn as many calories as possible because in my mind, if I did that, I would finally get the lean and toned body I always wanted.  

So I would...

  • Run on the treadmill for hours...
  • I would lift very light weights doing dozens of reps at a time...
  • I would do tons of ab exercises just hoping I'd get that toned midsection...
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    I wouldn't ever rest at the gym because I thought I needed to keep my heart rate up to burn more calories... 

This went on for years. 

But NOTHING in my body changed.

I was not toned. I was not lean. I was not confident. And I certainly was NOT strong. 

Then, I decided to make a complete 180 degree switch… 

I Was So Embarrassed By How Weak I Was, But This Was The Day That Changed Everything...

I Was So Embarrassed By How Weak I Was, But This Was The Day That Changed Everything...

I want to tell you a quick story that is going to PROVE to you that no matter where you are right now, getting the STRONG and LEAN body you want is 100% possible...

I remember the day very specifically… I was doing a workout with my husband Dennis and a few friends, and noticed that all the movements in the workout were strength exercises…

There was pull-ups, push ups, overhead presses, and squats.

The workout started, and immediately I wanted to give up

I could barely do 3 modified push ups. I certainly couldn’t get close to doing a pull-up. And I got so defeated when the squats came because I felt so weak, physically and mentally.

I felt like a complete failure during the workout, and to be honest I was embarrassed that I couldn’t even finish the whole thing.

I got to the car, and at that moment I decided that enough was enough. 

Something needed to change. And it was then that Dennis said something to me that’s had a profound effect on my workouts, and it’s ultimately changed my body and life… 

He said to me… 

“Kelsey, you’ve got to STOP focusing so much on getting smaller in your workouts and burning as many calories as possible. Instead, focus on getting STRONGER, and your results will increase dramatically. Just trust me on that.”

I want you to hear that again…

Because that was the day that everything changed for me. And today… Today is the day that everything is going to change for you…

Once you make the switch from constantly trying to "Get Smaller" to "Get STRONGER" in your workouts, everything will change...

Once you make that switch in your workouts, you're going to be amazed at the changes that start taking place...

  • You will start burning more fat...
  • You will start gaining LEAN and TONED muscle...
  • You will start gaining CONFIDENCE...
  • You will start to LOVE the way your new body looks, feels, and performs!

It's Time To Get STRONG...

Listen, I understand what it’s like to feel intimidating by lifting weights because you don’t know where to start…

Or the feeling of “doing everything right” but not getting your desired results…

Or simply being SCARED to lift because you don’t want to get bulky.


But trust me on this…

When you change your mindset from “small to strong”… From “calories burned” to progressive strength…

You will finally be able to get the strong, toned, and lean body you’ve always wanted.


So, let’s get back to the question from earlier…

“What workouts do I actually do to get my strongest & leanest body?”

Before I answer that, I’d like to share a few personal records with you to show you what’s possible when you follow the workouts I am about to outline for you…

I don’t tell you these things to brag, I tell you this because I want you to see what’s possible for YOU!

When I first got started, I couldn’t do a single pull-up. Now, I can do 15 in a row and I consistently do weighted pull-ups with 15-20 pounds between my feet.


For as long as I can remember, I could barely bench press the 45 pound bar... now I can do 8 reps with 135 pounds.

My shoulders have always been a weakness of mine, barely being able to do 10 pushups in a row. I’ve now done 50 straight pushups and can overhead press 45 pound dumbbells in each hand.

You'll learn to do pull-ups with ease!

Overhead Press to get your shoulders TONED and STRONG!

Grow your glutes and lean out your legs!

Now I want you to imagine what you’ll be able to accomplish when you’re finally doing the right workouts that will help you see amazing progress every single week! 

No matter what your starting point, what I am about to share is going to completely transform your body, mindset, and confidence. 

OK, back to our question…

Let's Talk About The EXACT Workouts That Will Help You Get Your Best & Strongest Body!

Most people think that I workout 6-7 days a week for a few hours a day.

But that’s not even close to the truth.


I train 5 days per week, and it’s broken down into two sections:

3 days per week, I do resistance strength training followed by a short HIIT finisher.


HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and it’s one of the most powerful approaches when it comes to burning away stubborn body fat.


Combine it with Resistance Strength Training, and you’ve got a killer 1-2 combo!

I love this combo because it allows me to build muscle and strength, but also get my heart pumping and get in a great sweat with the HIIT.

I feel empowered when I train. I feel confident. I feel STRONG.

So, let me tell you a little about what I do, why I do it, and why you should too!


Resistance training means you are moving your body against some sort of gravitational resistance that provides some sort of tension on your muscles.

Resistance can be made from things such as dumbbells, barbells, bands, and anything else that can provide some resistance on your muscles!

Resistance training helps improve your muscular strength AND endurance. Focusing on STRENGTH in your workouts is one of the most powerful changes you can make to increase results quickly.

There are so many benefits to resistance training…

It helps increase your metabolism to burn MORE fat.

Resistance training helps build lean muscle that makes you stronger and also gives definition for that toned look.

Lifting weights won’t make you bulky. 

Lifting will help you burn fat and build muscle so that you can get the toned shape you are working towards. Gone are the days of working out to “get smaller.”

Working out to build strength will in turn make you stronger and also help you achieve the look you are after.

One of my favorite benefits is incredibly practical and absolutely EVERYONE can benefit from this: It helps you do everyday tasks with ease.

Think about things like carrying groceries, hoisting your luggage in the overhead space on an airplane, playing with or carrying kids around, and all of the other types of normal activity that now can feel daunting can be done with ease!

Another favorite is it helps enhance your mood and confidence!

Nothing makes you feel more like a boss than being able to conquer something you never thought you would be able to do!

Lastly, building strength can help you accomplish goals each and every workout.

It also will help build muscle definition. Both of these things will help give you a sense of accomplishment and confidence.

Resistance Training is incredible for building strength, and when it's paired with HIIT, it's the most powerful combo I've ever come across!

So let’s cover HIIT and why it works wonders when paired with resistance training. 

Take Your Results To The NEXT LEVEL With High Intensity Interval Training...

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. HIIT is done by having short periods of intense exercise, followed by a period of rest. For example, you could sprint or do an exercise for 30-seconds, then rest for 30-seconds and repeat.

What's great about HIIT is that you can use it in a wide variety of ways. You can use it at home with just bodyweight exercises, in the gym with weights, at the park, in a hotel room, and more.


There are also some amazing benefits of HIIT that show why it’s SO powerful.

With HIIT, you burn more fat and boost your metabolic rate! For many years, it was believed that steady state cardio (long, slow cardio) was the best way to lose fat. The reason they believed this, is because your body uses slightly more fat as fuel during the workout at lower intensity.

However, what wasn’t considered was TOTAL fat burn. While lower intensity exercises may burn fat during the workout, higher intensity exercise burns fat DURING the workout AND AFTER the workout as well!

HIIT Gets Even Better...

High intensity exercise increases the metabolic rate for hours after the workout, allowing your body to burn more calories and fat post workout, while you’re going about your day or even just sitting on the couch relaxing!

Faster metabolism? Yes please!

Another benefit is that you get MORE work done in a SHORTER amount of time. HIIT is short and intense allowing your workouts to be short, sweet, to the point, and incredibly effective.

You don’t have to feel like you need to spend an hour on a hamster wheel anymore just to “burn more calories.” 

Now, you can focus on building strength with resistance training and get in a short HIIT finisher and you’ll get the absolutely most out of your workout in a short amount of time.

You don’t have to rely on a fitness or calorie trackers anymore. Simply work hard for the short duration of your workout and you can rest assured knowing your body is working FOR you, burning fat and calories post workout!

The last incredible benefit with HIIT that we will go over today is that with HIIT you build power, strength, and confidence.


HIIT builds upon Resistance Training to get the heart rate up, work up a sweat, and give you tons of power, strength and confidence. You can use the strength and athleticism you gain to know that you have the power to take on the day with ease. 

So, How Does Strength Training & HIIT Work Together For Amazing Results? 

We’ve put together the best of the best workouts that we do to get strong, build muscle, and to get and stay lean year round.

After much time testing, tweaking, perfecting, and putting it all together, we are launching our first ever STRENGTH PROGRAM that has our exact workout plan that we follow in it!

We have showed parts of our workouts on Instagram and Facebook, but we are excited for this strength program because...

It is exactly what we do and includes a full, 12-week Strength Program that includes both Strength Resistance Training and HIIT for a masterful combination to bring you incredible results.

So What's Inside...

STRONG by HIITBURN is a full 12-week progressive strength workout program that incorporates the BEST movements for increased lean muscle, and that will get your body more toned than ever before!

This program features 60+ workouts that you can do broken down in 5 workouts per week.

In the training guide, you'll find...

Three strength training workouts per week will be focused on resistance training through weight lifting, and then you will finish with a short HIIT workout to help increase your fat burning even more. 

Next, you’ll see 2 longer HIIT days per week that include more high intensity & bodyweight movements to round out your training. These days are very important as they will really help with increasing your metabolism and boosting your fat burning even further. 

Throughout the program, we give you tons of technique teaching and tips, so you can learn and master the form for each exercise. To help you with that, each exercise includes a video so you can see how to do it. We also include Modifications so you can find the best movements for your body!

And the best part is, you'll ALWAYS be progressing... You'll continue getting STRONGER... And you'll continually challenge yourself in every workout!

We Are Also Giving You a 4-Week Pre-Training Plan...

With your purchase, we are also giving you our 4-Week Pre-Training Guide that will help you get ready to start doing STRONG by HIITBURN with tons of confidence. Plus, it will help prime your body to be ready for the workouts. 

Not only that, these workouts are there to help you learn the movements so that you can get the most out of your workouts when you get started. 

This 4-Week Pre-Training Guide is perfect for those who have never weight trained before or for those who haven’t lifted weights in a while.

Look at these workouts as a way for you to get you body fully prepared to take on STRONG by HIITBURN!

We Are Also Giving You Video Demos Of Every Workout...

To go along with each workout on the program, you will be receiving video descriptions of every single exercise so that you know exactly how to do them. Not only that...

In your main manual, there is a picture description of each exercise so that you can reference it while you workout. 

Having these visuals as reminders of how to do the exercises, and the videos to show you the exact form are going to help you get the most out of these workouts! PLUS...

For every single exercise on the program, you're going to receive modifications to make the exercises and workouts fit YOUR fitness level. On top of that...

You will get Coaching Tips for each workout in the program to ensure you're making the most progress possible!

It's Time To Get STRONG!

Whether you are an experienced weightlifter or are just starting out with weightlifting, you will be able to make incredible progress through this program.


If you are trying to...

Improve your pull ups, squats, build your glutes, get more defined arms and shoulders, lean out your midsection and see definition in your abs, or just get stronger, leaner, and all around defined…

STRONG is for you.

We want you to know that if you have questions along the way, we are here for you...


With STRONG, you receive complete access to our HIITBURN Support team to answer any questions and get the best support along the way! When you start and continue on your journey with STRONG we will be here for you and help you succeed.

What I’m so excited about is not only that you are going to get amazing results with STRONG, but you are going to feel powerful. You will feel confident. You will accomplish things you never thought were possible.


Everyone deserves to feel that empowerment. Especially YOU.

Now is the time to get STRONG. I’m cheering you on and can’t wait for you to get started! Let’s do this!

STRONG by HIITBURN Retails For $99 However, You Won't Pay Anywhere Near That Today... 

What You Get When You Order...

  • 12-We​ek Progressive Strength Program
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    60+ Progressive Strength Workouts To Get Your Strongest Body Ever
  • 4-Week Pre Training Plan To Help You Get The Most Out Of The Program
  • Video Demonstrations Of Every Exercise On The Program
  • Images Of All Exercises For "Quick Look" Access
  • heart
    Coaching Tips & Techniques For Each Workout In The Program
  • heart
    Exercise Modifications To Make The Workouts Fit YOUR Fitness Level
  • heart
    SUPPORT From Myself And The Entire HIITBURN Team As You Go Through The Program

By Choosing Your Package Below... 


  • 12-We​ek Progressive Strength Program
  • heart
    60+ Progressive Strength Workouts To Get Your Strongest Body Ever
  • 4-Week Pre Training Plan To Help You Get The Most Out Of The Program
  • Video Demonstrations Of Every Exercise On The Program
  • heart
    Exercise Modifications To Make The Workouts Fit YOUR Fitness Level
  • heart
    SUPPORT From Myself And The Entire HIITBURN Team As You Go Through The Program

$99 Pay What You Want!

Your Strongest Body or Your Money Back Guarantee...

We put a ton of blood, sweat, and tears (literally) into making this program! And...

Our #1 goal is to help YOU get your strongest and best body using these workouts. Now...

I want you to be confident in the fact that myself and our entire team at HIITBURN are going to do our best to get you the results you are after. 

You’re going to accomplish a lot through this program and it will be well worth the 12-weeks (and beyond)! That being said, the first few weeks, there may be an adjustment period for your body. You probably will be sore. You probably will get tired…but you can DO IT! 

That said, we want you to try the workouts for two weeks before you even consider stopping the program. If you try the workouts for two weeks and decide the program is not for you, we will absolutely give you a 100% money back guarantee. 

After the first couple of workouts, you may feel like you want to stop and just get a refund because it’s challenging. That’s why we want to challenge you to push through the first two weeks because we believe in you!

Our refund policy for STRONG by HIITBURN is a little different - what it does not cover, is you not using the program or giving it an honest try. We know these workouts work if you do them and follow the plan. By purchasing this program, you are investing in YOURSELF and will have the tools to help you get the STRONG results you want. 

So, if you're ready to invest in yourself and make lasting changes in your workouts, then get started at the link below!

We are here for you...

I want you to know that myself and our entire team is here for you every step of the way. 

If you have questions, please just reach out and we'd be happy to assist you :)

I can't wait for you to get STRONG! 

-Kelsey, Dennis, and the HIITBURN Team!

Still Have Questions? Let Me Answer Those For You...

Q: How long are the workouts?

A: The Strength Workouts will last around 30-40 minutes depending on how much rest you need to take. The longer HIIT workouts (2-days per week), will be around 15-minutes. 

Q: How many workouts am I getting?

A: You're getting 60+ workouts with STRONG. The main program is designed to be done in 12-weeks, while the Pre-Training Guide is a 4-week program. So in all, you're getting 16-weeks of workouts that you can progress through to get your strongest body!

Q: What if I am a beginner?

A: If you are a beginner, we recommend starting on the 4-Week Pre-Training Guide. This is going to teach you the movements so that you know how to do them, and it's going to help you get the initial soreness out so that you can get the most out of the program. If you are a beginner, I am SO excited for you to try this because it's going to make such a big difference for you!

Q: What if I am advanced?

A: If you're advanced in your training, this will still be an amazing program for you. The #1 key for you is to focus on PROGRESS in your lifts every single workout. By doing that, you will really take your results to the next level. 

Q: This is more expensive than your other programs, why is that?

A: First, this program has incredible value. With over 60 progressive workouts that have been carefully designed by myself and our team, it's truly one of the best programs you'll ever see.

Second, the results are AMAZING - and I'm not just saying that. If you follow the program, you're going to be amazed at what you will accomplish, both physically and mentally too.

Third, we provide the BEST support in the business. Our Support Team here at HIITBURN answers every email and message in an extremely timely manner, and is there to assist you every step of the way.

Finally, with everything you're getting and the guaranteed results, you're paying MUCH less than the cost of a personal trainer (one session even). So by investing in yourself today, get ready to see your best results ever!

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