The 8X8 Bodyweight Workout!

It seems to be like everyone is loving our "X" workouts. And by that I mean our "4X4" and "10X10" Workouts. 

So we though we'd create another "X" workout for you today, using 8 different exercises for 8 reps on each exercise.

The 8X8 Bodyweight Workout:
Fitness Level: Beginner-Advanced (see below)

You will be doing 8 reps on each exercise and are going to complete the number of rounds outlined below based on your fitness level. Between full rounds, rest 30-seconds! 

Choose your level below: 

Level 1: 3 rounds
Level 2: 5 rounds
Level 3: 8 rounds

(Note: If you do not know how to do an exercise, please see the video descriptions at the bottom of the page!)

Sit Back Pushups: 8 reps
Air Squats: 8 reps
In-n-Outs: 8 reps
Sit Throughs: 8 reps
Shoulder Tap Pushups: 8 reps
Jump Lunges or Reverse Alternating Lunges: 8 reps
Plank Outside Mountain Climbers: 8 reps
Burpees: 8 reps
Rest: 30-seconds then move back to the top...

After you have completed your number of rounds, you are DONE!

This is a KILLER workout. If you do need to take more rest in between full rounds, please do so. You want to make sure you are going hard during the exercises!

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EXERCISE #1: Sit Back Pushups

EXERCISE #2: Bodyweight Squats

EXERCISE #3: In-n-Outs

EXERCISE #4: Sit Throughs

EXERCISE #5: Shoulder Tap Pushups

EXERCISE #6: Jump Lunges

EXERCISE #7: Plank Outside Mountain Climbers

EXERCISE #8: Burpees