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Please note, that deleting the app or your account does not cancel your subscription. To cancel your subscription, simply follow the steps below:

For your reference, when canceling your HIITBURN app subscription, the follow applies:

  • We recommend cancelling at least 24 hours prior to your next payment date for cancellations to successfully process in time
  • Cancelling your subscription will not provide refunds, nor pro rate remaining subscriptions
  • For Android/iOS subscriptions, you can only cancel within the app using the same platform you registered with.
  • Once your subscription is cancelled, access to the app is lost. If you have any questions, please reach out to our customer support at and we will be happy to help!
  • To reactivate your subscription after it expires, you will need to log back into your iOS or Android app, or visit our website HERE.


  • 1) Open The App Store on your iPhone.
  • 2) Click on your account and select ‘Manage Subscriptions’
  • 3) Select the HIITBURN App
  • 4) Select ‘Cancel Subscription’
  • 5) Confirm

Note: If you can’t see the option to cancel your subscription, you may have already chosen to do so, stopping future charges. If so, you should be able to see the end date of your subscription on this screen. More details can be found in this Apple Support article.

If you don’t see a subscription in iTunes and are still being charged, make sure that you are signed in with the correct Apple ID. If not, you might have subscribed directly from our website, and not through iTunes. In this case, please view your subscription details and cancel accordingly using the information provided on this page.

Android :

Cancel within the Google Play Store

  • 1) Open the Google Play Store app
  • 2) Using the left hand menu, select Account
  • 3) Go to Subscriptions and select HIITBURN
  • 4) Select Cancel or Unsubscribe
  • 5) Confirm

If you are experiencing issues, or would like to discuss your subscription further, our Support Team are always happy to help! You can contact our Support Team HERE!

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