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Dennis and Kelsey Heenan are the founders of HIITBURN. Our mission here is simple: To positively impact 10 Million people through health and fitness so that they can live their happiest, healthiest, and most successful lives. We are dedicated to making that happen for YOU! So let's do this together!


Legs + Shoulder Burner
A lot of people have been asking me for more workouts that you can... A) do right at home with[...]
Cinnamon Vanilla Walnut Butter Recipe
Alright, if you like Nut Butters... Then do I have a recipe for you :-) It's super simple to make[...]
Glute and Ab Workout
Get your Glute Activator Band and let's get to work! I've got a 4 exercise Glute & Abs Workout today[...]
16-Minute Leg Workout
Today's workout is a serious leg BURNER - making it perfect for leg day. It will get your quads, glutes[...]
5 Mini Band Muscle Activation Exercises
In today’s video, we will go over some great exercises to do on an airplane or at home on the[...]
10-Minute Sweat Workout
Alright, so we led a workout this past weekend in Scottsdale, Arizona for an amazing group of people for a[...]

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