Are you ready to feel amazing, confident, healthy and fit? 

We’ve got you! If you LOVE to eat (just like us!), we have recipes that will help you reach your goals fast, and get you feeling healthy and confident in the process. 

Are you ready to feel amazing, confident, healthy and fit?

We’ve got you! If you LOVE to eat (just like us!), we have recipes that will help you reach your goals fast, and get you feeling healthy and confident in the process. 

Hey! It’s Kelsey from HIITBURN!

We are so excited that you found us and that we found you. What we want for you is to feel happy, healthy, and confident in every single area of your life. Not only that, we want you to ENJOY the process of getting there and working toward your goals in your health, fitness, and overall mindset. 

If you love eating food (just like us!), it can be hard to figure out what to eat in order to get fit and be healthy.

That’s why we created the HIITBURN Recipe Book, with 85+ healthy recipes that you can include in your flexible HIITBURN nutrition plan. We want you to enjoy eating healthy food, so that you can not only get results to reach your goal, but KEEP those results for life!

Did you know that you can eat pancakes, cookies, pizza, Mexican food and more and STILL lose fat, get toned, and incredibly fit? I'm talking recipes like...

Egg Scramble Muffins

Fat Burning Yogurt Bowl

Banana Protein Pancakes

Sweet Potato Stir Fry

Low Carb Cinnamon Cookies

Slow Cooker Burrito Bowl

It’s true. We personally eat these things on a regular basis because… They’re delicious!

Hi there, I'm Coach Kelsey!

And also because we have recipes that use high quality ingredients that make these foods incredibly nutritious.

The foods we include in this recipe book are specifically designed for you to boost your metabolism and burn fat. The ingredients in these recipes are whole food ingredients that are natural and healthy so that when you make them into a recipe, you can be confident that these foods are working FOR you and not against you. You can make your favorite types of foods like muffins and pancakes that taste delicious, but without all of the processed junk!

When you un-process your diet and focus on eating whole, one-ingredient foods like the ones in this recipe book, your body will notice an immediate difference and start responding in a positive way. Your skin will be glowing, the fat will start melting off, and your muscles will start becoming more defined.

You will start feeling more energized and productive throughout your day because your body will be well nourished, and you will be HAPPIER because you will get to eat MORE food because it’s high quality and it will all be delicious. Being confident starts from the inside out, and when you are fueled well, you will have more clarity to be the best version of yourself.

If you are a busy person and always on the go, you will absolutely LOVE the smoothie recipes! They are so delicious, quick, filling, and will give you tons of energy. One of my favorites is the Almond Butter Cup smoothie, and Rachel’s is the Very Berry Collagen smoothie!

One of my favorite things that I recently heard from someone using these recipes for her family was that...

“My husband doesn’t even know he’s eating healthy and carb cycling! I’m just making the food for him and he is LOVING it! Not to mention, he’s already starting to trim down and it’s only been two weeks!”

There’s nothing better than eating well, and seeing results effortlessly!

You Can Eat The Foods You Love and Get Amazing Results... 

Healthy foods can be delicious!

Here at HIITBURN, we believe you should be able to enjoy all of the foods you love, without having to cut out any major food groups.

If you want a happy, healthy, balanced lifestyle, where you look and feel your best, the key is to know how to choose the the balance of foods that works for your body.

Because, let’s be serious… cutting out chocolate is simply not an option! ;) 

Flexible carb cycling is one of the most simple approaches out there because you do NOT have to count calories or macros!

You simply eat when you’re hungry and until your satisfied and then alternate between certain days where you have lower amounts of carbs and others where you have higher amounts of carbs in order to reach your goal. 

Choosing the right foods can be confusing to know how to best fuel your body. That’s why we label the recipes as low carb, high carb, or moderate carb so that you can use them in your HIITBURN carb cycling nutrition plan!

The recipe book makes it so simple, so that all you have to do is look to see if today is a low carb day or high carb day and then choose recipes that fit the day and then eat accordingly.

Like we mentioned, these recipes are designed to help you love the food your eating, burn tons of fat and keep your hunger satisfied. The recipes are outlined so that they include an incredible balance of nutrients. You will be able to eat more food and feel satisfied after every meal and snack. 


Carb Cycling Recipes For Fat Loss, Lean Muscle Building, Energy, Balance, & Overall Health!

So, why lower carb recipes and higher carb recipes? It’s actually really simple!

The lower carb recipes are all designed to have optimal amounts of protein to satisfy your hunger, and then include healthy fats, which your body will then use that as an energy source. The low carb recipes will give you tons of mental clarity, keep you satiated, improve your skin, lower bad cholesterol, boost your immune system, and give you tons of vitamins and essential nutrients.

The lower carb recipes will help your body optimize burning fat as fuel, and did we mention they are delicious? If you love foods like nut butter, avocado, butter, cheese, Greek yogurt, nuts, chocolate, and coconut oil, you will love these low carb recipes!

The higher carb recipes are also designed to have an optimal amount of protein with a balance of healthy, one-ingredient carbohydrates to help give you energy and build lean muscle. Carbs are GOOD and necessary, so don’t fear the high carb day!

We outline the best carbs to use to get you’re results, so it’s so important to include them. Carbs are your body’s favorite and most usable source of energy, so it’s important to include high quality carbs regularly to keep your metabolism high, give you peak performance, and to have lasting energy. 

The balance of of recipes will help you feel amazing and love each meal! The best part is, they are all so simple, so even if you aren’t a chef who loves cooking, you will enjoy making these recipes! They are fast, simple, delicious, and absolutely healthy!

What's Included In The Recipe Book?

You will get so many great ideas and recipes that not only you, but the entire family and all of your friends will enjoy!

There's 85 total mouth watering recipes, including... 


  • Low carb snacks and sides
  • Low carb meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
  • Low carb sweets and treats!


  • High carb snacks and sides
  • High carb meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
  • High carb sweets and treats!


These are recipes that you can include every single day!

Look, we have had thousands of people find success through HIITBURN nutrition programs and we know that you will have an amazing experience too!

Here are some examples of people who have gotten amazing results with HIITBURN programs eating lots of delicious foods every single day:

Listen, You Deserve The BEST!

We are so proud of you and so excited to be on this journey with you! All we want for you is to feel happy, healthy and confident and we know that you are going to absolutely LOVE how you feel when you eat these recipes.

We are so excited that you are going to join us in the fun of eating well and feeling amazing! 

Let’s get to eating and start getting you the results you deserve!


(this is a ONE-TIME Payment)


Listen, we are so confident that you will love our Recipe book that we want to give you our 60-day money in guarantee.

That means, if for ANY reason you do not like these recipes, all you have to do is answer a few questions and we will get your program swapped out so you can continue to crush your health goals. You can even keep the recipes, simply for giving them a try! 

That means you have nothing to lose when you try these delicious recipes! So...

Get started below so that you can start making healthy and delicious meals for you and the family!

-Kelsey and Rachel,


(this is a ONE-TIME Payment)


PLEASE NOTE: These recipes will be delivered digitally which means you can get started TODAY! Once you place your order, you will get immediate access to the program!

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