Hey there it’s Kelsey here!

Currently, I am sitting here planning out my workouts for the next few months as Summer 2022 gets closer and closer. And as I was doing that, I thought…

“Why not share this with you?”

YES those are superheroes on my bright green nails 🦹‍♀️ 🦸‍♀️

You see, summer officially begins on June 21st, which is less than 2-months away. And…I say this every single year to my clients and I’ll say this to you now:

“There is no better time than RIGHT now to start!”

I’m not sure what you have planned this summer, but Dennis and I will be celebrating 12-years of marriage (crazy!). And since we didn’t get to do an official celebration trip back in 2020 for our 10-year, we are doing something extra special this year! 

Here’s a photo of the two of us on our wedding day back in 2010 :)

Whether you have a vacation this summer, are planning to spend the majority of your time at the pool or beach or lake, or maybe you’ve got a fun filled summer with the family…

All of my clients right now are wanting to dial in their workouts, and my guess is you do too. So…

I’d love to show you what I am planning these next few weeks as we get into summer…

Workout Plan Leading Up To Summer

For the last three years, I’ve trained and written programs for some of the biggest celebrities and athletes in the world. And…

I absolutely LOVE working with these individuals. That said, I’ve also been fortunate enough to have thousands of people from all over the world go through my programs and follow my programming!

And back in 2020, I started working with a small group of women in what I called “Stronger Than Ever.” And…

This program has been a game-changer for hundreds of my clients, and…

I am now releasing it to you!


This workout structure allows you to hit every body part in a very effective way. It’s purposely programmed so that you can give your all in every single set and rep, while hitting each body part in the workout. 

That said, each workout takes right around 30-40 minutes and I’ve found that just 4-workouts per week is the sweet spot!

And here’s the best part about all this...

The progress you’ll make will blow you away!

Many people don’t know this, but I couldn’t do many of the things you see in my videos that I post today.

I couldn’t do a single pull-up. I couldn’t do more than 3 good pushups in a row. I was scared of lifting more than 5-10 pounds. And to be honest…

I nearly gave up on the whole working out thing several times. But know this…

YOU ARE CLOSER THAN YOU THINK - Don’t give up! Keep going!

You see, when it comes to being Stronger Than Ever, it’s all about starting and sticking with it

Stronger Than Ever is more than just a phrase, it’s a lifestyle!

And no matter where you are right now, you need to know that you are SO much closer to reaching your goals than you think. 

As we approach the summer, I’d love to invite you to join me in my workouts over the next 4-weeks.

As many of you know, HIITBURN focuses on “High Intensity Interval Training”. That said…

One of the BIGGEST requests we get is around Strength Training. And…

Specifically strength training where I am doing the full workout - rep for rep - right alongside you. So…

That’s exactly what you are getting this month… 

These are real and raw as though we are training in the same room together!


No matter if you are an advanced lifter or this is your day one, these workouts are for you!

We will do every single workout together, where I’ll be coaching you through with modifications, progressions, coaching cues, and more. 

We will sweat together

We will push each other. 

We will curse at the workout ;)

But it will all be worth it because you’ll be blown away by what you will accomplish!

Here’s a few amazing women who’ve done Stronger Than Ever.


With Summer around the corner, now is the perfect time to jump on a new plan and really crush your workouts as you work towards your goals. And…

For the next 4-weeks, we will be doing the Stronger Than Ever Workouts! 

Here’s what that includes:


Like I mentioned earlier, these workouts are raw and real. I’m doing the workout with you - pushing through each rep, giving you modifications if needed, and sweating with you!

I wanted to make this feel as though we were training in the same room together, and that’s exactly the feedback that I've gotten!


Along with the workout videos, I am providing you a workout manual. I’ve set this up so that you can easily track your workouts and progress as you go through the month. 

This is the same way I track my workouts, and I actually see it more as a workout journal. Tracking your progress, especially in strength training, is very important. And that’s what you’ll be doing here. 


I know that each one of us has a very different schedule, however, many people still love to see MY workout calendar and how I set it up. So inside Stronger Than Ever, I provide you with the full 4-week workout calendar that you can follow or alter to fit YOUR schedule. 

Either one will be great - the key is to simply get in the outlined workouts whenever it is best for you!


Nutrition plays an important role in getting you results. That said, I don’t believe in super strict diets or counting calories or cutting out your favorite foods. Instead…

I wanted to give you a super simple way of eating that’s helped so many of my clients look and feel their best.

And just FYI - Pizza Night Friday and Taco Tuesday’s are a real theme inside our community - it’s seriously the best ever!


Support and community is everything. 

When the going gets tough, having people there alongside you is so important. And that’s why I wanted to make sure I included this piece as we go through Stronger Than Ever!

This will be a place we can share our wins, ask questions, provide motivation and support to others, and so much more…

So, you might be wondering…

Who is Stronger Than Ever for?

Stronger Than Ever is for anyone looking to take their results to the next level…

This can mean getting stronger on certain lifts. Losing weight. Reshaping your body. Getting leaner and more toned. 

Stronger Than Ever is for anyone who feels stuck or has hit a plateau. 

Stronger Than Ever is for anyone looking to have some fun in their workouts again.

If any of the above sounds like you, then you should sign up for Stronger Than Ever. 

How Much Does Stronger Than Ever Cost?

I thought about launching Phase One of this program for $199. However…

I decided against that price. I decided I wanted to make this accessible to most people. And with it being more intimate, I wanted to make the price reasonable without making it cheap. 

So I landed on a price that I felt was fair and within reach for most people, especially when you consider the price of a personal trainer (a single session can cost $100+)…

For this launch of Stronger Than Ever - Phase One, it’s just $99. 

Once you sign up, I’ll put you in the system so that you can get access to everything we went over above. And I’ll also provide you with a link so you can access the support group. 

Like I said, I wanted to make this feel as though we were training in the same room together. 

And I know you’ll absolutely LOVE these workouts and the results you’ll see this month!

Just click on the link below to go to the checkout page and get started now. 

>>> Get Stronger Than Ever Phase One Now

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